A Frayed Knot: Making mats out of old fishing ropes in Orkney

Plastic@Bay went on a wee holiday to Orkney. While there we met up with Mark Cook aka A Frayed Knot. A Frayed Knot makes mats, trivets, doorstops, fenders and other rope related products, all out of washed up fishing ropes. Each mat can use up to 24 meters of rope. To date A Frayed Knot has used approx 11 km ( 7 miles) of old fishing ropes. As well as selling these unique mats, A Frayed Knot also offer classes where you can make your own mat.

So we gave it a go. Mark really knows his knots. The whole experience was great fun and very informative. You get to take home a cool mat you have made yourself and you have helped remove plastic from the ocean. It’s win, win. Have a look at A Frayed Knots facebook page for details of where you can buy their products, and for news on upcoming classes.