Balnakeil Bin report 28-01-2019

This is the first report of the year although we already have done 3 cleans in 2019! We even had a pilot whale washed up. Thankfully to the effort of our local ranger Donald Mitchell and our BDMLR volunteer Ludo, the distressed animal was put back at sea safely.

This is winter and the sea washes a lot of plastics which are essentially ropes and nets. I found again a net that was neatly cut and “disposed” in the sea. In my opinion this is a crime as this net could kill anything on its way. Ghost gear is the scourge of the ocean and also made in the most resilient plastics, finding them is always infuriating.

Piece of net intentionally discarded in the sea. The mesh is very large (10cm), it could be a defence against seals used in fish farms.

We have found 34 kg in the bin + a quick collection around. The beach is pretty bad at the moment with loads of cords entwined into the washed up kelp. We were lacking time and will announce a clean-up soon to cope with the volumes coming ashore at the moment. Besides the place is beautiful and quiet as it only during the winter.

Still no big storm pollution this year but we can clearly observe a higher pollution background 3+ times more than during the summer months