Balnakeil Bin report – 28 April 2019

It has been a long time I have not written a bin report. One of the reason was that the winter was strangely calm in terms of storms which I assume was linked with the amount of plastic we collect. So we had 2-3 kg/day which is more an interseason rate. But these days it is rather calm in the North and the rate of pollution just increased to 4-5 kg per day. The secondary factor is certainly the fact that our Beach Ranger Hannah is doing an awesome job at collecting pollution. She also clean other spots during the week.

2 weeks, 34 kg out of Balnakeil, it is significant

The other reason why there was no reporting is also that we have been very busy with other kind of things such as setting up our lab for experimenting in recycling ropes and other plastics found on the beach. It looks like this at the moment.

… Something is going on with the paint, we cannot decide might be because the light changes all the time here

Most of the things we do are not really scientific but basically construction… to get a relatively clean lab.

Thanks to that guy,

Sam Barlow, latest hero and talented in his art. Check Mooreworks 😉

We have a working compressor !

The electronics was a bit scary since nothing was really how I expected
We also scouted for new polluted places in the area.

We found a source of plastic rocks and plastiglomerate, an old fire pit. When it was remote like it is there, after a beachclean, because there is really a lot, people would burn the plastics on the spot. It is leaching very toxic things such as dioxins and the sort so people have stopped. However, it is not uncommon to find these in the area.

There are more things to say including a robotic toad and making natural scandinavian paint but may need to visit to know a bit more, we are in 16D Balnakeil Craft Village 🙂