Beach clean 14 Dec 2018

The winter storms are getting more and more frequent and we asked if people could give a hand last Friday. It was beautiful but terribly windy! We found a lot of microplastics and the usual suspects, parachute flares, cords, gill nets, nets, ropes, bottle tops etc… With the 10 volunteers, we got some pretty good job done. A little injury with someone getting one of these sharp sand grains in the eye. Balnakeil sands are principally made of broken shells that can be very sharp and painful when you are out in the gales. It is not recommended to have contact lenses in there when it is windy (meaning basically all the time).

As usual the weight update for the bin, you can see that the winter is here, the slope of pollution rate is slowly climbing. However we are still very far from the disaster brought by Storm Caroline last year!