Cape Wrath Challenge Beach Clean hauls 89 kgs.

Following the success of last year, Plastic@Bay hosted a beach clean after the famous John Walker Beach Run, during the Cape Wrath Challenge. Thanks to the help of volunteers we removed 89 kgs of plastic pollution from the Balnakeil area. We had northerly winds the week before which always brings in plenty of rubbish from the sea. Some people stayed close to beach, combing the seaweed for microplastics and flare/parachute parts, common items seen on Balnakeil Beach. Others joined Julien and Hannah to remove larger pieces from the east of Faraid Head, they retrieved plenty of water bottles and a large entanglement of creel pots weighting 41kg.

Plastic Pollution hauled off the east of Faraid Head
Electric Quad and Trailer funded by FLAG Highland and Moray
Volunteers combing through the seaweed close to Durness Golf Course
Charlie our best little cleaner
The start of the John Walker Beach Run, Cape Wrath Challenge