Coastal cleanup walks

Take a chance to experience and learn about the beautiful coastline of Durness. Enjoy the landscape and the astonishing natural wonders of the area while helping keeping the coast free of ocean plastic. Conor, our coastal ranger will offer different walks from 3 to 4 km once a week. Please check availabilities for walks on the calendar below. Please book the walk in advance with Conor so that we know who is to be expected.

All the walks start at the Balnakeil Beach car park (meeting point). For your comfort and safety, all the cleanup walks are planned according to tides and weather. Please check the forecast on this page to be prepared. The weather can turn unexpectedly and walks could be cancelled or rescheduled at the last minute. If you have booked, Conor will contact you as soon as possible with updates.


By email:
By phone: 07932908922

It is free!

All the walks are free of charge, however we are a non-profit company and we accept donations to help cover the costs of running the ranger service.



Health and Safety

All our walks are relatively easy and aim at being accessible to anyone normally fit. Nevertheless, you need to bring appropriate sturdy footwear (preferably waterproof) as the path could be rocky and the coast is generally slippery from pebbles, water and seaweed. Always check the forecast in advance as weather can turn suddenly, always take water- and windproof overalls. Do not underestimate the wind-chill effect in our windy area that can drop the temperature 5 to 7 degrees Celsius compared to forecast.
We provide all the cleaning and sanitising equipment during the walk (litter pickers, bags, gloves, first aid kit, hand sanitation). You will not carry heavy weights, we have a vehicle to bring back the equipment, however for logistical reason, we could ask you to carry your litter-picker and bag to the site.
We will expect that you have knowledge of the outdoor access code when joining us. We are lucky in Scotland to be able to wander where we want but that comes with responsibilities. In particular dogs need to be kept in control at all time as the walks are in farmland and surrounded by fragile wildlife.
We can tailor cleanup events for people with special needs and children as long as they are with a qualified tutor. For the later case we need to know in advance and would need to plan the event with the tutors.
All our events follow the latest guidance from the Scottish government regarding COVID-19 regulations.

What will you see?

Depending of the time of the year and the oceanographic conditions, the quantity of ocean plastic you will encounter vary. Hopefully you will be lucky and mainly focus on the landscape, wildlife and history guided by our coastal ranger. Depending on the weather conditions and the cleanup rotations, we offer a variety of walks from the Kyle of Durness to eastern Faraid Head. While walking, some rare flora is to be expected such as the elusive Scottish Primerose or other machair plants. Away from the beaten track you may observe an incredible biodiversity of birds during the nesting season. You might be observed by curious seals or playful otters. The intertidal area is a wonder of biodiversity supported by a variety of seaweed, corallian algae and a large range of animals. Each pool is has its own little universe and balance. The light is ever changing and there is never a dull day for the outdoor lover in Durness.