Contribute to marine pollution data collection

This form is intended to be helping the collection of coastal pollution data. Many people are involved in regular beach cleaning activities. All together, we collect tons and tons of pollution, keeping places safe and beautiful. This could sometimes give the impression that no plastic is washed up, hiding the scale of the problem. In particular in remote areas it could seem difficult to report to authorities and get support and recognition. Plastic@Bay report to national and international institutions. By feeding these databases, you help finding solutions to marine pollution. All our data are open access and could be requested at any time.

If you want to send us a bulk of data, fill up the information in a table and send it by email. We need to get the weight, the date and the beach where you collected the data.

We also need to know where the beach is so you should send us this table

If you want to set up a team where each member can independently record their data, fill up this spreadsheet.