Cutting down

This project aims at reducing the amount of net- and rope-cutting lost. We have been surveying Balnakeil Bay for 5 years and on average ropes and net cuttings constitute minimum 30% of the debris found on the beach. We have established a partnership with fishers, the local authorities and KIMO international to trial a project to collect and recycle them. This project is restricted to Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. This project integrates within previous KIMO work on net cuttings.

The ultimate aim is to collect the cuttings before they even touch the quay so that:

  • They don’t get contaminated
  • The people working save time not swiping the quay for cutting after work.

We have dispatched a number of cages in participating harbours. They contain wheels and a mesh that retains small debris. We will also trial bags so that fisher can collect cuttings while mending without wasting time.

The cuttings collected will be recycled locally in the form of plaques that will be given to the harbours participating. This will be realised with our compression press. The plaques issued from this low tech system will have a very low carbon footprint and will be durable.