Identification of a Deeply Polluted Sites, Scourie

Plastic@Bay have identified a deeply polluted site, a small bay just north west of Scouriemore, Scourie, Sutherland. This site is estimated to hold approx. 20 tonnes of plastic pollution. Julien surveyed 3 meters of coastline only using the Marine Conservation Society beach survey. The results are astonishing see below:


3 meters beach, 30 bags, 159 kg

General Waste (Public)                                 Fishing Nets Ropes and Components

Bottles cleaner/drinks/toiletries     108         Fishing Nets                                     150

Packaging crisps/sweets                  196         Strings/cords 0-1 cm diameter     9961

Plastic Pieces 0-2.5 cm                    1080        Strings/cords > 1 cm                        360

Plastic Pieces 2.5-50 cm                   393         Strapping Bands                              234

Shotgun Cartridges                            98          Gloves                                                  5

Bag ends                                            327