Duartbeg, Scourie Beach Clean

Thanks to Sophie and Stuart for hosting us and all the volunteers that helped clean Duartbeg, Scourie. With your help we collected nearly a ton of plastic pollution, made up of approx 300 meters of fish farm pipes, and the rest made up the usual fishing ropes and nets. Unfortunately it was too much and we had to leave a lot behind for another day.

Duartbeg is a deeply polluted site typical of many difficult to reach coves along the North West Coast (example Scouriemore). Some of these sites have never been clean and are now a carpet of fishing ropes and nets embedded in the fabric of the surrounding flora.

Next Thursday we will be joined Kik, a group of cyclist touring the U.K. coast cleaning beaches. They are cleaning Scouriemore 5:30pm 4th July. This job is too big to do in one evening, but we would appreciate if people would come down and have a look, and we can come up with a plan to organise a BIG BEACH CLEAN in the future. Thank you.

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  1. Have you considered using people on community pay back orders to do the litter picking? Your local council may have staff who can organise it.

    1. To our knowledge, our local council is very stretched and with massive cuts being made.
      We didn’t know of this scheme and will see what is possible. Thanks for the suggestion.

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