P@B information stall at Durness Highland Gathering 2017

The Durness Highland Gathering where kind enough to let us have a stall at this years gathering. We shared a tent with Durness Highland Halloween Festival, and it was a great success for all.

Here we presented samples collected from Balnakeil Beach Clean Bin, and the results of our beach clean survey. 

Results from our bin show that Fishing Rope Nets and Components (FRNCs) contribute to approx 80% of the plastic pollution picked up on Balnakeil Beach. The rest consists of general litter such as bottles, wrappings and plastic bags, and also flare parts and gun cartridges.

People were surprised at the large quantities of plastic we collected. In general, we found that the public are aware there is a problem with plastic pollution in the area but feel helpless to do anything about it.