Durness Highland Gathering 2019

Plastic@Bay was very happy to be part of the Durness Highland Gathering 2019 for the third consecutive year. We presented our on going work on cleaning and surveying plastic pollution from Balnakeil Beach, and other coastal areas along North West coast. This year we were very excited to present work from The Plastic Lab, our recycling workshop. Items for sale included; clocks and jewellery recycled from discarded ropes from the beach, and our ZeroPlastic@Bay range of plastic free alternatives, including wooden toothbrushes and Eco Soap’s range of shampoo and conditioning bars.

Plastic@Bay also organized recycling stations for cans, and plastic cups and bottles, a first at the Durness Highland Gathering. We were very pleased with the results. We collected 18 240 L bags of recycling. The vast majority of waste collected was recyclable. There was also polystyrene food containers, which are not recyclable, food and even nappies. Julien and Phil separated the recycling and brought it to the Durness Recycling Centre.