Electronic waste in the ocean

We regularly find electronic equipment on the shore.

This is always a surprise. You can only ask yourself: where does it come from? was it thrown away in rage overboard? Was it disposed in a river and floated here? How can this be floating???

Tough cookie

Here is  a tough cookie that is famous for its resilience found in the Balnakeil Bin. Even recently, it was still used as the home of a tubeworm. The main issue besides plastics is all the toxic compounds from the circuitry and the battery that end up into the sea. We will surely see more and more of these on our shore since our consumption of such equipment increases and that except for very rare projects such as the Fairphone, the industry relies on an ever growing market of quickly obsolete tools. I cannot remember the last time I found a small workshop in a town were people could fix your electronics.

This post is only to illustrate that all levels of our use of goods need to be thought into the perspective of limited resources and global pollution. Some people are trying to offer alternative, they might not be the most noisy on the media but often a little search can bring you the information you need when replacing a piece of equipment.