How to use and assemble the face shield

Face shields, also called visors, are part of important personal protective equipments (PPE) that people should wear during infectious disease epidemics to protect their respiratory track. They are not a replacement of face masks that filter the air from particles and googles in case of transmission through the eyes. The role of face shields is to reduce the direct exposure and the overall viral load so that your immune system is less overwhelmed in case of contamination. It also reduces your capacity to contaminate other people.

Instructions when you received an assembled visor

You basically have to put the screen in the inside of the plastic stripe and pass the plastic rivets or wall plugs through the hole from the inside towards the outside.

Once you wear the shield, check that it is far enough away from your face, to allow better protection and less condensation from your breath. Notice that if the screen is stored in a cool room, it will have a tendency to fog more. A dust free screen fogs less too. To adjust your shield properly, please have a look at this video:

How to assemble all the shield parts

In case supplies run short or we cannot assemble all the orders you might have to mount the face shields yourself

First you need to assemble the elastic band in the right order as per this picture

If we couldn’t provide you with a clear screen you can use anything near A4. The attachment is designed to fit a standard A4 long edge 4 holes perforator.

How to wash your equipment

Soapy water is enough to destroy viruses and you can wash your shield after each usage. We recommend you separate the screen from the attachment and carefully clean it with a brush or a soft cloth in a bucket or so to avoid scratching. You can also wash it assembled in a dishwasher if the water temperature is bellow 60︒C so that the plastic parts do not loose integrity. Remember it is not a bacteria, no need to “cook” it.
We will soon offer UVC sterilisation boxes to large orders so that busy organisations can sterilize in bulk.

How to recycle

Once you are done with the shields, you can send them back to us and the plastic will be repurposed for another usage.

Notes about shortages and deliveries

Most of the manufacture is based in China and as you know they have not been providing products for the last months so many things are in short supplies and difficult to get. This is the reason why we try to find solutions with everyday products. We are expecting attachments for the shield to come very soon but for the moment we use these wall plugs. They are doing the job and are easier to source.