It’s our beach clean birthday

Today Plastic@Bay celebrate our second beach clean birthday. This day two years ago Julien organized our first beach clean at Balankeil Bay for Surfers Against Sewage. And what a day it was………the sun was shining, we had 10 awesome volunteers, and we collected a massive 500kg of plastic pollution. The van was full to the top with plastic, mostly composed of fishing nets and ropes, rags, molten plastic, balloons and diverse micro plastics from broken parts.

Today is very special to us, as it was this beach clean that inspired Julien to start surveying and documenting plastic pollution at Balnakeil Bay and to set up the beach clean bin. Fast forward to two years later, we are now Plastic@Bay Community Interest Company made up of three directors, Julien, Joan and Roz, we have collected 2.5 tonnes of plastic from Balnakeil Bay alone. Thanks to funding from SSE Highland Sustainable Development Fund will soon open our very own marine plastic recycling centre and we employ our very own Plastic Ranger, Hannah, to clean and patrol our local beaches for plastic pollution.

Over the next two years we hope to double the quantity of plastic we collect, with the help of our electric quad funded by FLAG. And to design new products with recycled fishing ropes and nets which will allow us to become self sustainable, with the ultimate goal and doing some serious research into the flux of plastic pollution in North West Scotland……so watch this space.

The surf board is not for the skip.
Look it’s the Beach Clean Bin