Kyle Of Durness, Beach Clean

For world Clean Up day 2019 and MCS Great British Beach Clean, we decided to tackle the Old Grudie, an area at the tip of the Kyle of Durness. We were seven in total, two quads, one trailer and three sheep dogs. We collect a massive 327 kg. Pollution in the this area is made up of three types of litter:

  • Flare and parachutes fragments from years of Ministry of Defense maneuvers on Cape Wrath, this made up the bulk of the collection.
  • Fish line and gillnets
  • Hundreds of buoy fragments.

The reason we went to Old Grudie was first because of reports of people renting this cottage far out in the Kyle of Durness. They came to our lab one day with hundreds of buoy fragments and we wanted to see what was going on there. Furthermore, the recent numerical simulations indicated that a lot of plastic should be transiting in this area and we wanted to check if the prediction were correct. It turns out that it was beyond expectation, there is probably 10 times what we collected to remove from this hard-to-reach area.

All the flare and parachute fragments will be brought to the local skip. We will try to recycle the nylon fishing lines and gillnets in the Plastic Lab. The buoys will be made into soap dishes for sale in our workshop.

Roz and Julien bringing back 327 kg of pollution with our electric quad and trailer funded by FLAG
Katy & Janet, with their sheep dogs
All the volunteers having a well deserved break.
The pollution bagged back at the workshop.