Marine Life Marine Litter – December 2019

Plastic@Bay a circular economy experiment to tackle plastic pollution


Circular economy against marine plastic pollution

Why bother?

40 years of intense pollution

Endocrinian disruptors => modern epidemics

pervasive trophic disruption => global ecosystem collapse

We need to clean regularly and professionally

results – Monitoring pollution

Results – Hiring rangers to clean Durness coastline

Results – Bringing the community together, educating

Beach Clean at DuartBeg with Ridgway
Sangomore With Kik Plastik
Tea-break at Local beach clean
With GreenHive Nairn

Results – Recycling marine plastics, training

Upcycled rope into a door mat
Rope tile


Upcycled buoys

Results – Oceanographic modelling

Next – Research

Evaluate plastic stocks
Find local marine sinks







Estimates are of several tons of plastic stored / beach

45% of plastic found on Balnakeil beach sinks

Next – recycling

Next – Beach clean festival 7-10 May

Target : Scouriemore
Some fun while doing good
Recycle what we can

Thanks for your attention!