Plastic Lab Open for business

In May we opened Plastic Lab, our recycling and up cycling workshop in Balnakeil Craft Village to the public. Julien has been busy making all kinds of amazing things from recycled ropes and nets. Our best sellers include earring made from melted and pressed fishing ropes, and our unique ‘made to order’ fishing rope clocks. We also have vases, floating rocks for your garden pond, and mobiles made from melted and pressed fishing ropes and drift wood.

6 Replies to “Plastic Lab Open for business

  1. I would like to buy a clock. Do you deliver to Glasgow? Impressed by your efforts to save our oceans.

    1. Yes we do.
      We will contact you asap for some reason we didn’t see your comment until now.

      1. I have sent you an email with details about our clock selection, thank you.

  2. Can you please contact me about your clocks – what is their diameter ? Could I commission a larger one which would come out with turquoise in it ? (From beach finds of fishing net pieces presumably ) Your clocks look interesting and would reflect my concerns about the litter here . We live on Islay and I pick up roadside & beach litter on a daily basis. A turquoise influence would match our sunroom’s colour scheme.

    1. Current diameter is 29 cm and that’s pretty much the maximum we can do at the moment considering the size of the compression oven we have.
      We can change the arms colours and shapes. We can make turquoise (from ropes). We can also make a tidal clock if you live in Islay that can come handy.
      Thanks for helping and picking up regularly. That is making a huge difference in the long run!
      We will drop you an email.

      1. Hi Alison, I have sent you an email with more details. Thank you

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