Plastic@Bay joined Kikplastic

Plastic@Bay joined Kiko Matthews, world record holder for the fastest woman to Solo row unsupported across the Atlantic 3000m, on her epic cycle around the UK coast raising awareness of the problem of single-use plastic and engaging communities to help tackle this issue.

The weather conditions were wet and windy, so we really appreciated everyone who managed to come and help out. On 4th July we tackled Scouriemore, a beach we have identified as deeply polluted, removing a massive 112kg in just 1.5 hours. We collected the usual ropes, fishing nets and fish farm pipes, the scourge of the North West Coast. This beach has decades of plastic pollution, approx 20 tonnes, which has been there for so long it is now buried under large beach pebbles and boulders, and embedded in the surrounding soil and grass.

On 5th July we removed 7kg of microplastics from Balnakeil Beach and a 21kg fishing rope. At Balnakeil we focused on the burn half way up the first beach, where we get an accumulation of microplastics and nurdles.

Kiko and her crew were shocked at the state of Scouriemore, and have offered to highlight the issue of discarded fishing nets, ropes and components. Follow Kiko on her journey and look out to see if she is coming to do a clean a beach near you.