Hexagonal tile HDPE


Our hexagonal tiles are made from recycled shredded containers, fish boxes and fish farm feeder pipes. They are processed with our injection mould machine. These HDPE tiles with their unique marine colour schemes make a beautiful backsplash, or if you fancied just a few, these unusual tiles double as coasters to brighten up any coffee table.

Choose your colour scheme from the menu. All tiles are made to order so each one is unique and may vary from the product picture.

They are £7 each, or a bundle four is £25. If you require more tiles for a large area please contact us and we can arrange a retail price.

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 125 × 125 × 6 mm
Dominant colour

Blue, Green, Black, Red, White, Grey, Mix

Secondary colour

Blue, Green, Black, Red, White, Grey, Mix

4 Replies to “Hexagonal tile HDPE

  1. What colour combinations do we choose to get tiles like the ones illustrated? Could you put their combinations in the hover text?

    1. When you change the colour combination the picture will change accordingly if we have the combination picture. This is not a factory product, each tile will be different, we can only give you a colour theme. It all depends on what is washing up. If you have a theme, we can make accordingly. Our customers are generally very happy about the output as each order is customized to their needs. We take pictures of the results before shipping to be sure you are satisfied.

  2. Hi!
    I love your product, and what you all are doing. I want to get 4 packages of your tile. It is the perfect backsplash above my wallpaper 9rusted metal with red, orange, ocean blue, turquoise erosion patterns). I would like to send the photo of the wallpaper to you for reference.

    My goal is to obtain the similar tiles as those pictured in your website photo containing 6 hexagonal tiles of various colors of ocean blue, sky blue, turquoise, oranges, and small touches of red).

    I was unable to figure out how to request this on your website, so please contact me directly and help me get these tiles. They are just beautiful!

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