A non-profit beach cleaning gathering


The Scourie Community council and Plastic@Bay are teaming up to clean Cana Nam Buch, Scouriemore, a cove which has been deeply affected by plastic pollution. Despite years of clean-ups, the volumes of plastic arriving in the last 40 years are impossible to cope with. Plastic is now deeply embedded in the environment and we need your help to remove it! There is a lot of hard work but we also want to do it right and in a good atmosphere.

In the mornings, we propose a combination of professional cleaning techniques and machinery on the shore, with the work of talented kayakers and divers to really make a dent in the 10+ tons of plastics accumulated in the area. The afternoons will be dedicated to relaxing and educative workshops and talks. The evenings will be the time for meeting up and discussing around the barbecue organised by Scourie community and the Saturday we will have music! The Sunday we will have to sort the mess and we will part our ways with the feeling of having participated in something exceptional .

We will keep you posted as many really cool people are trying to join up and organise some exceptional activities!


We will have a minibus shuttle going from the campsite and the Field to the cleaning site. No cars will be tolerated close to the site as we need to be able to keep this narrow road clear in case of emergencies.

We are looking for sponsorship to help organising a shuttle from Durness via Kinlochbervie to come and go to Scourie each day.

Media coverage

An experimented international film maker will cover the event, we are looking for sponsorship to help cover his expenses. The movie will help raising local awareness and document a large community event but also show what is the situation in the ocean to people which are not exposed to it or believe western Europe has been spared.

How can you help?

Most of the event is run on a volunteer-base and involve a lot of expenses for the different actors. If you are running a local business or feel concerned by the issue, we are looking for sponsorship!
You can help with the cost:

  • for the fuel used by the machinery
  • for the bus transport
  • for paying event professionals,
  • of accommodation for the band(s)
  • of the media coverage.

Every little things help!


Are not yet open but the workshops and the music will be cheaper if booked in advance. If the campsite happen to be full you will have to book a pitch with us at a similar price from Scourie Campsite. We will have only a limited amount of space. There are toilets and showers but no hook up on the gathering site. If you want to sleep under a roof we strongly advise to book as early as possible since the area is popular during the long weekend of May.

Current supporters

  • The Scourie Community Council is managing the access to the site, the coordination of all the local facilities (Village Hall and field), the barbecues and the Live Music
  • Plastic@Bay is organising the logistic of the event, the coordination of the cleanup, the booking of the participants and animations as well as the talks and recycling workshop.
  • The Highland Council provides the skips and the PPE for all the participants.