We want to give voice to the anonymous beach cleaners that achieve incommensurable efforts to protect our coastline. This portal is yours, you can use it as a record book, as an activist tool or just to contribute to the solution. These data show the extent of the plastic problem in the UK and beyond.

Public citizen data:
Weight of collected marine plastics (kg)

Beach plastic in kg

Record your beach clean data

We believe that regularly measuring the weight of plastic coming on our coast has a huge potential to inform us about ocean pollution. We have created a form to simply contribute to the record of data from beach clean, based on a date, the weight and the name of a beach. If you are an individual submit your data. If you are a group of beach cleaner we can upload the data for you. Only registered beaches and teams are displayed.

In collaboration with MTS-CFD, we are currently using these data to calibrate our models of the plastic flow in the NW Scotland area as illustrated in the following video.