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Friends of P@B (want it or not)

Eco-warriors, friendly organisation, partners in crime against plastic, organisations that inspire us. Don’t be jealous there is no order, we love all of you!


The John Muir Trust

This is with the John Muir Trust, during a volunteer work-party that the idea of doing research on NW Scotland plastic pollution emerged on the advice of one staff Member. Basically the birth of Plastic@Bay idea. Since then, we try to close the gap and provide as much data and information about the environmental crisis in the area.
The Trust also provides an award, the John Muir Award that allowed us to meet school children locally and develop awareness and strategy to fight plastic pollution at Kinlochbervie High School. The school and the Trust has also put us in contact with the High School teachers of the Highland interested in plastic pollution within outdoor learning during an INSET training.

Marine Litter Group of the Highland Environmental forum (Scottish Natural Heritage)

The Highland Environmental Forum has connected us with many people trying to fight marine pollution all over the Highlands.

Living the Seas NW Highlands

Living Seas Highlands is a project that is very inspirational to us. The project is supported by the Scottish Wildlife trust. We try to collaborate on different issues from global plastic awareness to education via remediation.

Littoral Sci-Art Project

Julia Barton’s Littoral Sci-Art Project has surveyed and mapped litter on over a hundred beaches and collected thousands of samples whilst engaging local communities and documenting the project on Julia has helped us survey and clean beaches in Durness and Kinlochbervie, helped Julien with his work with the John Muir Trust educating the local high school on plastic pollution, and collaborated on with us and Green Hive to make skipping rope handles from recycled ocean plastic.

The Marine Conservation Society

Catherine Gemmell, Scotland’s Conservation Officer for the Marine Conservation Society, has worked closely with Plastic@Bay on issues concerning plastic pollution on the North West coast of Scotland, and has been very supportive of Plastic@Bay’s work.

Surfers Against Sewage

Julien is the Surfer Against Sewage representative for North West Scotland. We have done many beach cleans as part of SAS’s national beach clean campaigns and still use the beach clean box they donated to us back in 2017.

Sea Change Wester Ross

Sea Change Wester Ross is an excellent blog by Sarah Nason about Wester Ross Marine Protected Area, set up to encourage more local say in the management of inshore waters. SCWR host lots of very informative blogs and articles. We were very happy when we aere approached by Sarah to write our first article as Plastic@Bay about our work and plastic pollution in the Highlands.

The Scottish coastal clean-up project

Sorcha Cantwell from the Scottish coastal clean-up project, has visited us in Durness and helped remove many kilos of plastic pollution from our local beaches while on her ‘holidays’. She has been an great help and an inspiration to us at Plastic@Bay.


Precious plastics

Plastic@Bay is part of the Precious Plastic (PP) community. PP is an initiative based in the Netherlands, and used worldwide. PP have developed a set of DIY machinery, consisting of a shredder, compressor, injection mould system and extruder, which are affordable and can be made from basic tools with materials that can be found anywhere in the world. We hope to develop these machines to set up a Marine Plastic Recycling Centre in Durness. 

Guld Mine Copenhagen

Thank you Islam for your support and great ideas.

The NW Highland Geopark

The NW Highland is a community based charity in the Highlands. The Geopark has always been very supportive of our plans and actions, especially by promoting our work in the Highlands.

Green Hive, Nairn

Plastic@Bay hosted our first recycling workshop with Green Hive. Green Hive are building a community workshop to recycle and upcycle local plastic waste and came to visit Plastic@Bay at the Plastic Lab to see the reality of recycling locally sourced plastic pollution in a community based workshop. Green Hive is now successfully recycling lots of domestic plastic, and hosting it’s own plastic recycling workshops.

Robbie Blyth, Fife Coast and Countryside Trust

Robbie came to visit the Plastic Lab as he is thinking of starting a similar recycling workshop in Fife. Robbie already makes plastic spinning tops with a simple injection mould machine, and showed us how to make camping stoves out of disuse cans.  


Plastic@Bay went to Orkney and met up with Mark Cook [aka A Frayed Knot] A Frayed Knot uses washed up fishing rope to make all kinds of products such as mats, trivets, doorstops and fenders. We took one of the classes they offer and made our own mats. The experience was very informative and lots of fun.


Ecotribo are our first commercial patron. Run by Tyrone, Ecotribo is a design company that is making its own products with recycled ocean plastics, and other recycled materials, locally in Bristol, United Kingdom. We are one of Tyrone’s main suppliers of shredded ocean plastic. Plastic@Bay receive 10% of the profits made on each sale.

Allday – Knives

Hugo from Allday Knives makes bespoke knives from hand-forged blades from Sakai, with recycled plastic handles. In Summer 2021, Hugo joined us for some beach cleans along the west coast and made some limited edition knives with Scottish Highland’s ocean plastic handles.


Plastic@Bay joined Kiko Matthews on her epic cycle around the UK coast, raising awareness of the problem of single-use plastic and engaging communities to help tackle this issue.  

Clean Coast Outer Hebrides Group

Our co-founder Julien Moreau was appointed Scientific Advisor to Clean Coast Outer Hebrides in Nov 2021.

Caithness Beach Cleans

Plastic@Bay support the amazing clean ups being done by Caithness Beach Cleans who remove over ten tonnes of ocean plastic per year, from the shores of Caithness. We are also very grateful that they enter their hard work onto our research portal, their data is invaluable.

Caithness Coastal Comber

The Caithness Coastal Comber helps Plastic@Bay identify the plastic we collect.

Pentland Canoe Club

We joined the team from Pentland Canoe Club, Beach Cleaners Unite and the Loch Eriboll Farm Estate to clean up the pebble beach by the old limestone kilns at Ard Neakie, Loch Eriboll.

Ocean Gives

Ocean Gives is a one woman force of nature that cleans the coasts of Tiree. She has removed 100 tonnes in less than two years. We are glad to say that Catriona is a good friend and ally of Plastic@Bay.

Finlay Pringle

Finlay is youth climate change activist, marine conservationist, and Sea Shepherd and Ullapool Shark Ambassador. He has always been a great supporter of our work and even came all the way to Durness to join us for a beach clean.

ERI Environmental Research Institute, Thurso and Blue Circular Ocean

Plastic@Bay were invited to the Environmental Research Centre, Thurso, as part of their public ERI Seminar Series to present our work to Blue Circular Economy representatives from Scotland, Ireland and Norway. Blue Circular Economy (BCE) is part of the EU funded, Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme (NPA). It’s aim is to support the development of the fishing net waste industry in regions across Europe’s Northern Edge.

Supporters of P@B

People and organizations which help us to exist. Thanks to all of you.

The Durness Community Council

The Durness Community council provided a letter of support for our recycling centre application.

The Durness Development Group

The Durness Development Group (Ltd) provided a letter of support for our recycling centre application.

The Highland Council

The Highland Council waste management of Sutherland provided pickers for some beach cleans and are regularly in contact with us to reduce local inland inputs of plastic into the marine environment.
We also would like to thanks our local representative Hugh Morrison for providing and extra recycling bin to us as well as banning plastic straws from his business.

The Country Side Rangers

Our local Country Side Rangers, Donald Mitchell, made a letter of support for our recycling centre application. The Rangers also do an amazing job with bringing the kids to do beach cleans and join themselves on the big events we organise regularly.

Council for Voluntary Services North

The Council for Voluntary Services North made a letter of support for our recycling centre application.

Highland Council Harbours

Plastic@Bay is working closely with Highland harbours to identify, and quantify plastic end-of-life fishing gear generated at harbours and come up with recycling solutions that will benefit rural coastal communities in the Highlands.

Councillor Trish Robertson

Trish is a constant support. She is our link to the Highland Council, and is always available for a chat if need any help or guidance.

Special people to us

People which at a special time made the difference which steered us where we are today. Sorry no link because might want to stay in the shadows. They might not even know they have done something special!
Sandy, Fred, Phil, Sorcha, Julia, Sarah, Sarah, Fiona, and Dave and Nikki Floyd.