Surfers Against Sewage Spring Beach Clean 2019

Hannah, our new Plastic Ranger, organized our fifth Surfers Against Sewage Beach Clean of Balnakeil Beach, 13th April. Thanks to the 12 volunteers who woke up early (10am on a Saturday morning) to clean Balnakeil Beach.

37kg was collected in total with:

  • 15kg of bits and pieces of fishing ropes and nets, and broken hard plastics were savaged for the #PlasticLab, our recycling workshop
  • 19kg of flare, parachute parts and rags were brought to the dump
  • 1.5kg of bottle parts will be put in Surfers Against Sewage recycling bags. These bags are given to Ecover who recycle them to make plastic bottle for their washing up liquid.
  • 1kg of buoy fragments that we will upcycle
Volunteers clean Balnakeil Beach