The North Coaster

We have been experimenting in making new products from fishing ropes because some people wanted unique coasters. Which one would you pick?

Picture made for our first North Coaster order, the customer has to pick his own set!

Each piece is unique some are textured other not. They are all clear so if you have a glass table they will let the light through. They measure about 3.5×3.5″ // 9×9 cm and are handmade. They can take up to 150︒C of temperature, that means they are ok for a coffee pot/mug but not for a pan straight out of the fire. We sell them at 25 £ the pack of 4, and 7£ per unit.

If you are interested, we will offer you different shades of ropes, do some tests. Next, we will ask you to take the ones you want, like we did for a customer in the picture above. Circular economy value relies on the satisfaction and tailor-made solution so that people stop throwing away products. Single use and throw-away attitudes are responsible for the current linear economy system which pushes for using always more resources and in the end create the pollution we find everywhere by accumulating discarded items.

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