The Usual Suspects: Plastic Pollution on North West Coast

After every beach clean we sort our plastic pollution into recyclable (what we hope to recycle in the Plastic Lab) and non-recyclable (which we bring to the local skip). In plastic we keep for recycling we see the same 15 items over and over again, The Usual Suspects. The vast majority is from the marine industry, excluding local waste from sheep feed buckets that get blown into the sea from local crofts and flare/parachute parts from years of MoD maneuvers on Cape Wrath.

The Usual Suspects

  • Fishing Ropes
  • Buoy fragments
  • Fish crates
  • Prawn Boxes
  • Mussel Pegs
  • Pipes from Fish Farms
  • Sealant tubes
  • Strapping
  • Gun Cartridges
  • Flare and parachute parts, from Ministry of Defense maneuvers on Cape Wrath.
  • Bottles, usually fragmented with cap attached and loose caps.
  • Sheep feed buckets blown in from the local crofts.
  • Oil Drums
  • Random plastic fragments
  • Black plastic car parts, boat parts, machine parts