We have a new horse

We recently purchased a new vehicle to do our beach cleaning operations, a Polaris Pioneer UTV! It has the great advantage to be able to carry more than a quad have 2 seats and be a bit more protective in the winter. We are hoping to be able to get 2 beach rangers at some point as the job is much better when you are collaborating. We could also bring volunteers to some cleans and heavier equipment.
We had to get rid of the former electric vehicle as it was not fit for our purpose. You might see that #Eco-charger uses our company name for their promotion on social media, however we do not endorse their products after our experience with their vehicle, the Eliminator II. Because of the issues with this vehicle, we have had very limited beach cleaning operations since April. We have now started again more regularly, just in time for the endless storm season.

We have managed to pay this vehicle thanks to a very generous private donation, the little money that was returned to us by the former vehicle manufacturer and reallocating some of our own money to this critical asset. This was a very stressful and exhausting moment and we are very glad that it is behind us. The access to an all terrain vehicle is critical for an efficient and regular defence of the coastline against plastic pollution. We have long hesitated in purchasing a new one as it is indeed our most expensive asset. All this would not be possible without people support and donations and we cannot acknowledge enough how it is appreciated.

We are also very happy with our new vehicle provider. The Ranger drives like a charm and seems to go everywhere we need it to go. We have also considerably increased our operational range and can safely extend our work in more remote places.

More beach cleaning ahead !