Plastic free products at the Plastic Lab

Check out our Plastic free products available in Plastic Lab, 16d Balnakeil Craft Village Durness. We stock a range of plastic free alternatives. We have a selection of Eco Soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars, shaving bars, and soap bars, all hand made in Inverness, wooden toothbrushes, toothpaste tabs, Earth Conscious Deodorants, coconut scrubbers and reusable sponges.

Plastic@Bay only recommends items we use ourselves.

ZEROPlastic@Bay        Price
Environmental toothbrush        £3.00
Humble Medium toothbrushes    £4.00
Humble Child toothbrushes        £4.00
Toothpaste Tabs with tin (60 tablets)£4.50
Safix Scrubbers            £2.50
Safix Scrubbers Jumbo£4.00
If You Care Sponges            £4.50
Eco Soap                £4.00
Shampoo bar                £4.50
Conditioning bar            £4.00
Shaving bar                £3.50
Lip Balm                £2.50
Earth Conscious Deodorant £7.00